is there a privacy screen for macbook pro 13

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

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    Not really - depends on what type of MBP and privacy screen you have. The best is the 3M screen but it doesn't fit well on the late 2008 and later MBPs (the ones with the black display border). The older ones with the aluminum display border had a large border and the display was inset from the lid. The 3M screen sat in the inset over the display and used stick tabs to keep the screen in place. With no inset it becomes very hard to remove and re-attach the screen, which is a bother if you ever have to show slides or movies to another person. I still haven't found a way to reuse my 3M screen which I happily used on my older MBP because of this.

  • Yes. Check Amazon and Ebay for privacy screens. I googled privacy screens and found multiple links.

    Hope this helps.