is there a danger of iPad overheating inside theses cases?

iPad overheating folio cases

Sena Folio for iPad (1st generation)

Sena Folio for iPad (1st generation)

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  • I have a New iPad without 4g and have been putting it through the paces. I have it in a ruged griffin case. I suppose if you have 4g and stream a whole movie it may get hot but not catastrophically. Worse case senecio I know it is design to shut down if it gets above a set temp so the worse that will happen is that you will have to give it a rest for a little. Apple makes grate strides to ensure a quality product. I left my iPhone on the dashboard in summer. When I went to use it it showed a warning scren, and wouldn't let me use it till it cooled down. I pretty sure iPad will do the same. All the hype of over heating are from naysayers trying to get something or just find something wrong. I have yet heard of the overheating scren that I know it has, so I think it just gets warm like a laptop your lap and not melting or combusting.