is there a cord that allows you to plug your guitar into a new macbook pro so you can utilize garageband?

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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    This Griffin Cable will work for that, but Monster Cable also makes one, quite simple without the headphone jack hanging off, it is just like a regular guitar cable, except with a mono 1/4" plug on one end for your guitar, and a stereo 1/8" male plug to go into your audio-in port on the MacBook Pro.

  • your mac book pro should feature an audio input that is separate from the audio output. both will have 'line' level signal characteristics. this cable will not work for this. almost any music shop will have a cable that can facilitate connectivity to your laptop but you mist be careful to match up the signal characteristics of your audio source output and your laptops input. While a keyboard may have the proper voltage and impedance to match up to this input an electric guitar will not. you need to match the high impedance ultra low voltage output of the guitar to the low impedance line level input of the sound card. an instrument preamplifier with a line out of some sort is a good way to go.