Is there a battery? How long does it last? Is it chargeable/replaceable?

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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    The Sports kit comes with the sensor that goes into your shoe, and the reciever that goes into your ipod.

    The sensor is what contains the battery - unfortunately the battery cannot be replaced. Good news is - I got a good 5-6 months out of my sensor before replacing it; and you can buy the sensors individually (without the receiver) for around 19.99 I believe? :)

  • The battery life is best if you turn the sensor off while not in use.

  • I just went for a run and at the end realized it was not recorded as a work. I noticed that my ipod was not picking up my sensor. I was shocked because it is a new sensor with only 11 miles recorded.

    The other issue I have been having is my ipod is not telling what I'm doing on my runs. I've reset it several times and still cant get it to work.

  • In Australia the sensor is $28