Is there a bare metal type recovery with Time Machine+TimeCapsule so I can completely recover a lost disk drive?

With some backup technologies you have a bootable CD that you can boot with and then do a complete recovery (Windows Home Server has this for PC's, for instance). Can I do that or similar with Time Machine and Time Capsule?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can use a Mac OS X installation disk (Leopard and up if I'm not mistaken) and use the Time Machine restore at boot time to restore the settings from a previous Mac.
    Mac OS will detect your TC and restore your hard-drive as per the TC image. I've done this once as a life-saver. It was slow (using gigabit Ethernet) but that's because my TC is the first model which is painfully slow. Nevertheless, I was up and running in hours, and the peace of mind of having my entire system and settings restored to perfection is priceless.

  • If in the instance you need to completely restore from a Time Machine back up you can boot from an OSX DVD disk (10.5 or later), and restore directly from a Time Machine backup stored on a Time Capsule.