Is the the AC power adaptor dual voltage? I am military living in Europe. We use 230 volt 50 hz power here.

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

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    Adapter input is 120-240V50/60 Hz however you may need an socket adapter for Europe. You can recharge the batteries using the USB on your laptop as well.

  • YES!

    The Jawbone Website has no information on this--and at the Apple Store we tore the display apart to read the power supply. I travel to Europe monthly for work and have had no issues with charging via adapter.

    It is Auto-Ranging to 240v. However, it only has a 110v (USA/Edison Parallel Blade) folding plug. That said; it is the exact same piece that is sold with Jawbone's Bluetooth Icon Ear Piece(s) and might be already available in Europe. (as well as previous/older models)

    And as mentioned in an earlier post, you always have the USB via computer.

    NOTE: DO NOT USE A VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER/ADAPATER. The charger contains a transformer already. If you use a transformer-on-transformer the inductive load will cause the weaker transformer to melt. You need at least a 1m cable between the two. And once the smoke gets out of the adapter--it's impossible to get it back in! It is best to use a Dumb Adapter that simply changes the plug-type and not the voltage. The Jawbone PSU will do that for you.

  • Nope but since it uses a microUSB connection for power at the speaker, you can easily pickup an adapter in Europe.