Is the included DisplayPort cable long enough to connect it to a Mac Pro sitting underneath the table?

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

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    Since the 24" Apple LED display was introduced the use of an "Mini-DisplayPort Extension Cable Male-Female" has been discussed as a solution to have the Mac Pro further away from the display - on the floor, etc.

    Use Google or Yahoo to search for "mini displayport extender cable" for examples of suppliers and an Apple support discussion with Topic: Is there a Mini Display Port Extension

  • I've read in the support groups that it's a stretch because cable is quite short. You need to have the box close to the screen.

  • From the online Apple Store, I bought the following 2 meter cable set for MDP and USB male/ female extensions: DR. BOTT MDP EXT II USB 2M-ZML $39.95 (a 10 ft version is availiable)

  • Yes.
    The cable is long enough to hook it up a few foot away.