Is the focal xs compatible with the iPhone 3gs?  Will it charge and play at the same time? Too many iPod accessories will not work with an iPhone.

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

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    Mine will charge but not play at the same time from the phone. But why would you need it too as you can play from your i-tunes account. You can sync from the speakers there is a flick switch at the back that lets you do that. If the phone is working you can get feedback to the speakers whilst charging unless you put in Airline mode.

    Basically I charge my phone from a plug. The touch seems to have no problem.

  • I have an iPhone 3G and when inserted into the Focal XS dock a message displays on my computer screen letting me know that the iPhone is not a compatible device. Perhaps the 3Gs works. Not the reason I got the speakers. The sound is terrific. No complaints here.

  • I was on the online chat with someone at the Apple Store asking the same question and the answer was YES, it should work.... funnily enough. I then asked whether I should be able to receive calls while charging and playing tunes from it...and the answer was YES again (after checking on their system). So I am still puzzled to be honest. I bought them anyway and will get back once I try them out.
    I do not think I will be returning them though even if they won't work with my 3Gs as they really seem to be the best 2.1 system out there for the price and all. I cannot wait to get my hands and ears on them