Is the camera itself wireless or does it require Ethernet connection?

iBaby Monitor

iBaby Monitor

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    I was initially confused by this as well. It does allow you to access via WIFI but you must plug the camera directly into your Router's built in switch or your own home or home office switch initially.

    Here are the steps

    1. Take it out of the box, plug in the WIFI antenna
    2. Take the Ethernet cable and plug one end into your camera and the other end into your network router's built in switch or a switch plugged into your router.
    2a. Plug the camera in to the power
    3. Launch the app on your PC or RECOMMENDED launch the iBaby application via your iPhone, Pad, iPod device!
    4. It will auto discover your camera and then tell you to unplug the ethernet cable

    PLEASE NOTE that you MUST unplug the ethernet cable as SOON as it starts the progress bar. if not, it will be too late. The first time that I did this I waited until the progress bar was at 40% I was running from upstairs to downstairs to unplug the cable and it was too late.

  • The camera requires an Ethernet connection initially to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once connected ,the Ethernet cable can be disconnected and the camera will work wirelessly.

  • The camera only works wirelessly with an apple product. If running off a PC you need the ethernet connected. Also their support is terrible if you run into issues. As well you need to know the series letter of your product, which isn't listed anywhere. So it's a bit of a guessing game. Not easy to use or what I thought it would be like from the " ibaby " name might present itself as.