Is the Bose SoundDock II compatible with the 4th generation iPod Touch?

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

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    Before buying it I called Apple Support and they confirmed it is compatible. Same thing said Bose. My experience is that it works, but you have to remove any IPod case protection you may have and pull it a little hard into dock. Once you hear a beep, you will find it working OK. I have both, portable and AC powered, and both are terrific! Just be careful when placing it into dock. And as per the message " This is not compatible...", don't worry, I got it with the brand new Apple Universal dock too LOL.
    Enjoy the sound of both, Apple + Bose = it Rocks!

  • it wont unfortunately, ive just upgraded from an ipod touch 3 expectin to still be able to connect it up and charge but it looks like the port on the bottom of the touch is too shallow.
    my soundock is the portable. I have local input on the back of the unit but means i cannot charge it or use the remote.
    Maybe bose will make an adapter that will allow it to fit??

  • Short answer: Yes

    Longer answer: It may look as if the Touch 4G doesn't fits on the Bose dock, but it does.

    If you don’t wiggle the Touch around a bit, however, and you therefore don’t have it connected just right, you’ll get a message that the accessory (Bose dock) is incompatible.

    After several minutes of fumbling around and only seeing the Pandora app pictures, not hearing any sound, I'm now listening to Pandora .

    I guess I have to suspend the Touch's automatic lock if I want to see what's playing.

  • Make sure you remove any covers and that you press down to make sure it is seated. Annoying but it works.

  • For some reason, we had to put something behind the ipod (fluffy hair thingy) to push it forward, then it connected and everything was good. Good luck!

  • My 4th Generation IPod (my first ipod) does work with SoundDock II.

    Issue I have is that while the Sounddock remote changes the music being played, the screen of the IPod is not being updated to display the selection.

    Anyone know how to overcome this?