Is the Bose® SoundDock® Series II compatible with the Iphone 4 32GB?

Your site shows compatible with the Iphone 3G and 3GS, and I was wondering if I could use it with the Iphone 4.

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

Bose SoundDock Series II Silver

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    Yes it's compatible. I just purchased the SoundDock Series II and new iPhone 4 and they work very well together. Note that I had to take the protective case off of my iPhone4 in order for it it sit in the cradle and fully plug into the SoundDock. This is a great product for the money!

  • I am able to listen to music while it's in the dock (sans case) but the remote will not work. The volume works via remote because it's through the speakers, but I'm unable to change the song selection. It's strange because the remote functions properly with my iPod Nano.

  • My sounddock wouldn't recognize my iPhone, so after reading other answers, I removed the presinstalled case (?) around the adapter and now it connects great!

  • Yes it works, but it gives the disclaimer that this device is not optimized for the SoundDock. II. I have mine hooked up and the only problem I was having is that it would lose its connection and pause the song until I wiggled it back into the "correct" position. I solved the problem by putting a sweatband between my iPhone 4 and the SoundDock II so the iPhone stands up perfectly straight and then it works without any problems. A little annoying, but it works.

  • When I first got the IPhone 4 it refused to work with my Bose soundock portable with or without the case but worked just fine with my son's three year old Bose soundock. I took it to the Apple store and the gentleman there gave me a new IPhone 4 and now it works fine as long as I remove the cover what is very inconvenient. I miss my 3GS.

  • I just got a Bose sound dock series 2. today 12-25-2011. It played my iphone 4 for about 4 songs. Then it gave me an error that this device is not supported. after that it would not even charge let alone play music. I tried everything to get it to work again no luck

  • Mine is a hit or a miss with my iPhone4 and my wife's 3Gs
    I have just bought a simple cable and plug it into the iPhone headphone jack and the other end on the SoundDock! Then I turn the dock inwards, so it ends up looking really sexy! I need to get a iPhone dock so I can sit it right next to the Bose. I also use it with my iPad.