is the bass quality in this headphones good?

i am a bass boost type of person and i was wondering if the bass in this headphone is truely amazing or what?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Product No Longer Available

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    If, by "quality", you mean "faithful reproduction of the original recording" then yes, these are fantastic, nothing else in the price range even comes close.

    If you mean "lots of boomy bass", then you will definitely want to turn the bass boost on.

    Where these headphones will shine is at higher volume levels, there will still be lots of bass. Cheaper headphones at high volume levels will start to sound very "mid-range", or worse, will start to distort. That won't happen with these (unless the playback device itself is distorting because the recording level was too high in the first place, but this will happen no matter which headphones you're using).

    My advice, if you can, get to an Apple Store and try out a pair. They will sell themselves...

    Hope this helps.

  • While not 'bass driven', these earphones have an incredibly flat response for their price range. In practice, so long as you have a good in-ear seal with the silicon tips, the bass is quite incredible. It is detailed and clear, akin to putting on a pair of prescription glasses for the first time. You'll notice more than just the presence of a bassy beat, but the specific intricate qualities of it. These don't 'boost' the bass artificially, so at any listening level, there will be less of it. The tradeoff is less punchy, but much more faithful. I feel this detail more than makes up for a lesser volume. It makes bass more interesting, so while it is a bit quieter than in typical earphones, I certainly notice it more.

    Professional music is mastered using speakers and headphones with a flat response curve, similar to these. The sound you'll get from them is precisely the same one the artists heard in the studio. They gave me a new appreciation for music, and I use them for hours every day, and have done for years. I really hope you'll give these a go. They're worth so much more than their price.