is it water proof and how close will it track like so many feet or yards away

Tagg—The Pet Tracker™ by Snaptracs, Inc.

Tagg—The Pet Tracker™ by Snaptracs, Inc.

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    The Tagg tracker is water resistant, so your pet can wear the Tagg tracker all the time, even while swimming or bathing. The tracker is water-resistant, but should not be submerged for extended periods of time.

    As for accuracy, the Tagg tracker includes advanced GPS location technology and is designed so that you get high accuracy, in the broadest range of conditions, with fast response. The GPS system is a set of satellites (24 minimum) operated by the U.S. Government that transmit radio signals with position information. Devices like the Tagg tracker can listen to the signals, and use the position references to calculate their own position on the earth.

    As a starting point to understand GPS accuracy, the official U.S. Government GPS web site ( ) states that the GPS satellite signals will provide accuracy capability of 7.8 meters (25 feet) with 95% confidence. The location technology inside the Tagg tracker is advanced, so you can expect it to provide the best accuracy available using the GPS satellites; sometimes it can even be better than the U.S. Government guideline.

    The accuracy of an individual GPS location depends on a number of factors, so the degree of accuracy can vary over a wide range. To help you visualize this, the Tagg map displays GPS locations from the tracker as a circle, rather than just a dot. The size of the circle indicates the accuracy based on the 95% confidence level, and it will change whenever you get a new GPS location. When you see the circle, it means that you can be 95% confident that the tracker is inside that circle.