Is it possible to use this with 2 different computers. Eg- My Mac and my wife's Macbook Air?

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series RAID Hard Drive

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series RAID Hard Drive

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    If by "use this with 2 different computers" you mean use both Thunderbolt ports and attach each port to a different computer at_the_same_time, the answer is "No".
    The drive does move nicely from one Mac to another as "direct attached storage".
    And, iiuc it's possible to format the drive for "MS-DOS (FAT)," making it convenient to move the drive from any common computer to another.
    And it's possible to direct attach the drive to a single computer and then share the drive with other computers over a network.

  • Not at the same time.

    You can use the drive with each computer, but may have to set the Finder Preference to "Ignore ownership on this volume", when connected to a computer.

    Why? When you format the volume for one computer, the volume may not be writable by your wife's computer.

    Alternative is to set read/write permissions so anyone can read and write to the drive.

    Do not try to connect the drive to both computers at the same time.

  • The dual ports are for daisy chaining more drives, not more computers. As this drive does not have a built-in intelligent controller (as would be found in a Network Attached Storage device), it cannot mediate access between two computers - they would corrupt the filesystem if it would even be attempted.

    Lastly, as someone pointed out you can format this to move between OSX and Windows machines, by reformatting it. The previous poster suggested FAT, but there is a better type of format called ex-FAT, which preserves the ability for long files and long filenames, that you lose with FAT16. I have heard that for best compatibility it is preferred to do this by reformatting the drive in ex-FAT using a Windows machine, rather than on OSX. I have an external USB drive that I performed this on, and it works seamlessly across OSX and Windows 7 64-bit machines.

  • ...AT THE SAME TIME? Seems that when you connect both machines, one to each Thunderbolt port, ony the first machine will recognize and manage the drive.

  • If both computers have a thunderbolt port yes you can.