Is it possible to mix two languages in the same database with FileMaker Pro?

More specifically, I need to re-create an older (MS Access) database that has data in English and Mandarin in it. At the time the database was created, I was told that FM Pro didn't allow dual-language databases.

Thanks for your help!

FileMaker Pro 12

FileMaker Pro 12

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  • We are using FileMaker Pro 12 for a lexical database that has some fields in English and other fields in two languages using Khmer (Cambodian) script. We have some difficulties with word breaks in the Khmer script. There is also a problem that FileMaker Pro doesn't let one use Command-j to signal that the next keystroke should make a consonant subscript. That is the way the Khmer keyboard works that we use. We have worked around this some by copying the Khmer script text we can write correctly in another application and then copying it and pasting into the FM Pro database.