is it possible to customize ipad cover coz our company wants it embroidered with our logo.

iPad Smart Cover Leather

iPad Smart Cover Leather

Product No Longer Available

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    Also, depending on your mix &/or personal iDevices (iPods - iPhones - iPads) one can have logos, text, hybrid text & logo OR any graphic(s) incorporated into ANY cover, albeit an Apple store leather or poly cover through Targus to Kenneth Cole.

    If Apple can't support your request, then research/identify a local or 3rd-party to provide best quality & potential volume cost saving. Good luck, next it's just ovewhelming to select which font, colours, etc. :D

    Own 2 corps - did shirts to iDevice covers - anything can be done with your corp name & logo! Personally own 3 iPads (v1, 2v2, and vi3) and 6 iPhones (2 4's & 4 4s) and just FYI also own 2 iPod Minis (old), 2 iPod Nanos, 1 iShuffle A N D a partridge in a pear tree :-)

  • I wish but you can't