Is it OK for the car (listening during running vs vibration)?

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

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    The original reason I purchased Jambox was to play music from my iPod in the car. I went to my local Apple store to inquire what to purchase to be able to play music in the car through my ipod because i could not get another device (Griffin iTrip) to work with my iPod touch (4th gen.). The Apple Associate said that there have been problems, especially if trying to use in the city, with interference and playing though a radio channel. She said the best device for consistent, quality listening experience while traveling in a care (rural and city ares) was the Jambox for it used Bluetooth rather than any radio bands. In addition it is a high quality portable device that has the advantage to be used anywhere-not just in the car. It was more money than the other car devices, but was well worth the small investment because it's a great speaker that I now use in my bedroom or any other room in the house and get a wonderful listening experience. It has been extremely durable, easy to use and i highly recommend purchasing it for general use with the bonus of use in the car (make sure speaker is secured in car-it does have rubber bottom and top that does grip if on flat surface) all in one great speaker.

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