is it easy to put on without making a mess??  if you don't get it right on the first go can you remove it and stick it back on without making a mess?

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

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    i had the problem of having to align it a couple of times. just make sure you clean the screen first then don't touch the screen or the protector, doing so will cause it to get smudges. to remove and debris or a smudge try using scotch tape not any other kind because it may leave a residue etc. and i read the package and it says to reposition the protector just use a little pice of the tape to lift up the edge and be carful when tacking it off to not pull off the protector again. so if you have tape and a some time it isn't messy at all.

  • It goes on pretty perfect. The pre installation film is very good. It can be pulled on and off with no problems but I would recommend lifting it off with a piece of adhesive tape so as not to mess up the edges

  • its not messy at all there is a couple backings to remove and throw out/recycle

    if you mess up try to catch that before laying it all the way down. The easiest way to re-align it if you do "mess up" is to use some scotch tape and catch a corner of the film and lift it slowly off the phone then grab the edges of the film and lift it off the phone and re-align it.