Is it compatible with the iPhone 5?

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

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    Yes the Zik is compatible with iP5 - once you do the firmware update for new iOS.
    My use of Zik with my iPhone 5 is the following:

    Once you tie the Zik to iPhone 5 via Bluetooth,
    * You can control the Zik with Parrot's controller app (noise cancellation, equalizer, concert hall effects, and set whether noise cancellation is active during phone call by default).
    * You can use the (Apple) phone and music player with Zik by choosing the Zik as the audio device in those apps; phone offers on-screen audio option, music player uses the same interface you use for AirPlay to choose output).
    * if you listening, incoming phone call can be answered with tap or refused. (My experience is that callers prefer me to raise the volume somewhat in order to hear me well).
    * Many other apps will also use the Zik for audio output, even those that may not offer a GUI interface to switch the audio output (that is, they will rely on your having set the audio output in phone, music, Pandora, or some other app).