Is it compatible with FaceTime/Skype calls on my iPad 2?

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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    yes it is.

    It works same as regular bluetooth phone calls where you see your audio options to switch device. But the pain point is, the JBL (Or any mic/speaker device) should be closer to your ipad/iphone while doing facetime/skype calls. This is how I used it.

    I called my parents in facetime while my iphone is connected to JBL. You will see audio options in place where you have mute button. (bottom left) When you select that you can either choose "speaker" which used ipad/iphones speaker and mic, or choose JBL then it used JBL's speaker and mic.

    The speaker is not right next to me but within 3 feet away from where I was sitting. While I could hear my parents alright, they said my voice lagged when I spoke. I switched my audio to "Speaker" then they could hear me alright.

    I wish I could use iphone/ipad mic alone instead of JBL's mic and speaker coz you will have to keep both phone and speaker closer to you when you speak to avoid lag. I do skype calls from my samsung TV where I sit atleast 5-6 feet away from my TV, and never had voice lag.

    Great speaker for the price your pay.

    Hope this helps.