Is it better to fully deplete the battery, or recharge periodically at say, 50% used?

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

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    Always recharge when you can.

    Old NiCad batteries should be depleted all the way before being recharged.

    All the other batteries that you are likely to run into, including NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), LiP (Lithium Polymer), and LiI (Lithium Ion), should never be run all the way out, and should be recharged at every opportunity.

    Running these batteries all the way out can DRAMATICALLY shorten the lifetime of the battery. I bought an iPod from a guy who religiously ran his battery down every time he used the device, and it took less than six months for his battery to last less than 15 minutes.