Is it adequate for a 9500sf home?

I could not find where apple would make suggestions on the size of your home. I have a one story 9500sf home and currently have a d-link 655 router which claims to work for a home this size and it does. I mainly want to upgrade to the simultaneous dual band width and i like apple products.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    You might consider getting 2 AirPort Extremes. I have a 4000sf facility and I use 2 of them for even coverage. I have very dense walls (audio studio with isolated double walls) so the signal struggles to get through all that mass. A second airport works great, extends the network effortlessly.
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  • At the website (forward slash) wifi - you will see that Apple describes the Extreme as being appropriate for larger homes, however no particular size is suggested since range always depends upon a number of various factors.

  • I've been able to connect to mine more than 200 feet from my house. You should be ok...especially on 5GHz band. Main thing will be placement of router. Give it plenty of open space.

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