Is it able to record?

I wanted to know if the IZONVIEW had recording capability?

IZON View Camera

IZON View Camera

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes. These cameras upload videos to the cloud, so even if the hardware is stolen you have the video footage safely stored on Stem's servers.

  • I have several of the first version of the iZON cameras which I've been using for over two years. I'm quite sure that the more recent version (i.e. the IZONVIEW) would have all the capabilities of the original. My version 1.0 cameras can be triggered manually to make a 35 second video clip (includes sound) or the cameras can be triggered automatically to make the 35 second recording via sound and/or motion detection. The first 6 to 8 seconds of a triggered recording is prior to the sound or motion event which triggered the camera.