Is it able to charge/sync an iphone or ipod touch with a computer?

I know it is designed for the iPad, but if you have an iphone, can you use it as a regular ipod dock?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    The ipod touch 2nd gen also fits, and works perfectly with the ipad dock. Apple should rename it the dock.

  • Yes, you can use your iPad dock with iphone. Just got my iPad dock and placed my iPhone 3GS on it - fits just fine, charges and syncs - no issues.

  • Yes, it works fine with a first generation iPod touch. I like the feel and heft of it, so I use it to synch my iPod every morning with my Podcasts. I own two iPads, one is in the Apple case. To synch that one, I just unplug the cable from the dock amd plug it into the iPad directly. BTW, the dock turns the iPad into a great digital picture frame!

  • The space between the dock connector and the support is too narrow for the bottom bezel of the iphone to fit without bending the dock connector.. Short answer is it won't fit.

  • The iPad dock can be used to not only charge an iPhone or iPod Touch, but it can also be used to sync and charge your iPhone or iPod Touch with iTunes on your computer. An iPad will not charge while being synced with iTunes on your computer. If you don't plan to get an iPad, then it'd make more sense to just buy the dock designed for iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • No - be careful!!!. While an ipod touch or iphone may fit in this dock, if you have it connected to the ipad power adapter, you're likely to be using a higher power than needed and damage the ipod/iphone in the long run. I asked in the store if I could use it with the USB power adapter for ipod/iphone and they couldn't say if it was safe. I guess that's why it doesn't show anything by ipad on the compatibility list!

  • It depends on your iPod or iPhone. My 3rd generation iPod Touch had no problems. My iPhone 4 will not fit because there is not enough clearance, even without a case on it.

  • NO! Do not put anything but an iPad on this dock. Using it to dock an iPod touch will put strain on the dock port of the device and could potentially (and is very likely to) damage the dock port of the device and or the dock it self. This is NOT covered under Apple Care and will get expensive very quickly if you damage the dock port of your iPod touch.

  • Other iPods and iPhones may fit, but it is meant for just the iPad.