Is Internet sharing on Mac through a time capsule Via a USB 3G modem connected to the mac possible to create a wifi network

3g modem connected to Mac mini which would be connected to a time capsule. Will it share the Internet on the wifi?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    In principle, Internet sharing of Mac OS X can share any type of Internet connection, including iPhone USB, which is similar to the configuration you describe. And the communication channel to share this internet connection can be any of the other available: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

    However, the way Internet sharing works, MAC OS X will try to create a private network between the server (sharing the internet connection) and the clients. Therefore if you chose to share your internet connection through WiFi, Mac OS X will create a private wireless network accepting connections from clients. This setup complicates the connection through a Time Capsule or makes it worthless. If you chose to share it over Ethernet, then your computer will become a server with its own IP address and will attempt to assign IP addresses to any computer connected to the same LAN, once again Time Capsule role in this scenario would be rather strange as it should act as a dumb switch and I almost sure you would require both computers connected to ethernet ports, making useless the best features of the Time Capsule.
    A third and last option I can imagine is to connect your mac with internet connection to the Internet Ethernet Port of the Time Capsule; on the mac, share internet connection through the same port and then ask Time Capsule to create a wireless network sharing the internet connection where your second mac (or as many as you want) would connect. This however will require testing and is not the way it was intended to work, in addition you'll have your mac "server" tied to a range of 3 to 5m around the time capsule.
    Hope this helps.