is ibank compatible with canada

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    Many Canadian customers use iBank, and iBank's multi-currency support facilitates users who keep both Canadian and U.S. dollar accounts (or other currencies).

    iBank can access online bank account data in several common formats; in some instances where direct downloads aren't available, iBank can process web downloads instead. You might check with your bank about their download capabilities, and then take a look at the iBank account set-up tutorial on the IGG Software website.

    Another aspect of iBank useful to Canadians: iBank supports localization for British English (spellings such as "cheque") as well as French.

  • Possible problems if you're using it to track investments: its method of calculating capital gains is not accepted by CRA (it uses FIFO; CRA only accepts average cost).

  • It downloads fine from online accounts, but the terminology is so US-centric and so inflexible as to make the app essentially useless from m'y perspective (unless i've overlooked something).