Is an external hard drive necessary when using the AirPort Exteme base station with Apple TV? If yes, why?

I have Airport Extreme base station - want to buy Apple TV to connect iPad to HDTV for viewing movies, etc.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Hi There!

    Connecting An External Hard Drive To The Airport Extreme Base Station Is Not Required To Be Able To Use The Apple TV, There Is No Benefit As If You Want To Stream Music And Videos etc To The Apple TV Then It Has To Be Done Through Ether A Computer Or IOS Device, If You Just Want Stream Your iPad Display Then Just Use The Apple TV, Make Sure Your iPad Is On The Same Network As The Apple TV Double Click The Home Button, Swipe On The Grey Bar (That Appears At The Bottom Of The Screen) From Left To Right And You Will Get The Music Controls, Select To Airplay Symbol (Looks Like A Triangle On Top Of A Rectangle) Select Your Apple TV And Select Mirror!

    Hope This Helped!