Is Airport Extreme Station the right solution to connect my USB Hard Drives to the network?

Home Setup: iMac (Snow Leopard), Vigor 2800 Wireless Router, 2 Seagate Ext Drives, Canon MP640 Wireless Printer.
The Seagate Drives are currently connected to the iMac with a USB cable but I would like them to be accessed wirelessly on the network.
Tried PogoPlug but it did not support Time Machine.
Is Airport Extreme Station the answer?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    I have three external USB drives attached to my Airport Extreme via a powered USB hub attached to the USB port on the back of the base station. All three are accessible across the wireless network without any trouble at all.

    I use one of the USB drives as a time machine backup for both the mac laptops we have in the house and it works flawlessly - backing up automatically every hour across the wireless, although the backup itself is quite considerably slower than you will be used to from having the backup drive connected directly via USB. However, it's no slower than the wireless time capsule I used to own.

    The only thing to note is that the backups that you currently have (created whilst the drives are attached directly to the computer via USB) are not compatible with the the backups made when time machine runs over wireless, so you would have to reformat the drive and start the entire backup process again from scratch. As mentioned, time machine over wireless is slower so your first backup will take a while - I left my laptop on and backing up over night and the following day whilst I was at work to get the first complete backup done. From there it's all incremental backups, mine usually take a few moments every hour.

  • No. Apple does not support the use of Time Machine as you have proposed. Use Time Capsule instead of AirPort Extreme.