Is AccountEdge compatible with Filemaker Pro? Will they share info such as contact info and purchase history?

I don't want to have to enter the same info twice to two different programs. I'm hoping I can export the contact info and the products they purchased over to filemaker for reports, tabled/spreadsheets, etc. I currently own Filemaker Pro 9 and will be buying the latest AccountEdge upgrade.

AccountEdge 2012

AccountEdge 2012

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    Yes! It is possible to export from FIlemaker Pro and import to AccountEdge. Keep in mind that it may need some formatting in order for AccountEdge to accurately import everything.

    IMPORTANT tip for SALES invoice imports. If you export sales invoice information from FMP to a csv or text file, you need to add one blank line between each sale, then you can import to AccountEdge. (If you do not do this, AccountEdge imports all the lines as one sale.)

    Contact information imports/exports does not seem to need this.

  • Filemaker has nice export tools and AccountEdge has nice importing capabilities, so they are compatible.