Is a Time Capsule portable?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    A Time Capsule is only portable in the sense that it can be quite easily picked up and relocated. It does not have an internal battery which would be required for it to be truly "portable". That, and the fact that you may not necessarily want to be causing any sudden motion to the unit while the hard drive is in operation, as it will likely cause damage to the disk.

  • It's kinda portable. There is no battery in it, but if it is unplugged and replugged into an Internet Connection and power, it saves your settings. I am sure you can bring it with you if you travel a lot.

  • Yes, but not in a fully functional state. A time capsule needs to be powered for it to work. Its small enough to carry around rather easily. It will not lose any data safely transporting from one location to another.

  • If you mean does it have an internal battery - it doesn't.

  • I wouldn't recommend moving it around much. Check out the AirPort Express if you need a wireless router on the go.

  • Not very.
    - It needs to be plugged into the electricity
    - It needs a connection to the internet (DSL or cable modem, generally)

    That said, you can pick it up and move it from place to place (home to office, etc) where these connections (AC power & Internet) are available.

    Remember it has a hard disk in it that probably has your backups. It is not a ruggedized product designed for portability so carry it carefully so you don't lose your data. If you want a portable hard disk, buy a ruggedized one; if you want a portable WiFi router, the AirPort Express is a better choice (and the hard disk could be plugged into its USB port).