Is a PC/Mac absolutely necessary to charge an iPad?

It says that the mac requirements and/or pc req's are needed to charge the iPad itself. Would the iPad dock eliminate the "middle man", or does the iPad itself have an adapter to plus into an outlet?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    It comes with a charger. You don't need a computer to charge it.

  • No, not at all. In fact, it would be best if you didn't use your computer to charge your iPad. The iPad draws a lot more power than your typical iPhone or iPod, so the 10w power adapter included with iPad is best and will charge your iPad much faster than a computer. The dock has a port just like the one on the bottom of the iPad to connect your 30 Pin Dock Cable that came with your iPad.

    **If you are asking if you need a computer to use iPad the answer is YES. You must have a way to get data (songs, movies, apps, pictures, etc) onto iPad. Even if you plan on just downloading everything to iPad, you must still register/activate your iPad from within iTunes. If you don't your iPad's screen will show an error message telling you to connect it to iTunes.

  • No, it comes with an adapter that you just plug into a wall and it charges. You don't need a computer to charge it.