iPhone compatibility for Oakley Airwave Goggle

I would like to know if the Airwave Goggles can be used with an iPhone 4, or is it only 4S and 5?


Oakley Airwave Goggles

Oakley Airwave Goggles

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    The Airwave goggles work both with a phone and independent of a phone as it comes with a variety of onboard sensors. Because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), only iPhone 4S and later work with the product for enabling features such as buddy tracking and music playlist.

  • The Airwave Goggles use Bluetooth 4.0 which is only available on iPhone 4S and 5.

  • They only work with the 4s and above, but they don't need a phone to work they just add more features I believe.

  • Hi Jackie.

    Not sure if my answer was deleted, but I tried this already a few days ago??
    You'll need either the 4s or 5 to work with these goggles. The Bluetooth connectivity is slightly different than on the 4.


  • Hi Jackie,

    According to the app store description the app will run on iOS 5.1 or later, so if you have this OS (or later) on your iPhone 4 it should work. However it also states that the app is optimised for iPhone 5s.