In case of a power outage will the WeMo keep the last state it was in. I.E if it was on will it stay on after the power outage is over.

I want to use it to be a remote reset for my IT gear when I am away from home.

  • Asked by Charlie B from Raleigh
  • Sep 29, 2012
Belkin WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch

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    It will not keep the last state. WeMo will revert to OFF.

    • Answered by Erol F from Sudbury
    • Oct 20, 2012
  • Yes it does~ however it need a minute to reboot and reconnect to Internet

    • Answered by Xiao Tong H from Coquitlam
    • Oct 26, 2012
  • Very smart Charlie... I will look to do the same!!! I'm assuming it will maintain the last state, or at least as long as it can. If power goes out, unless you have a UPS feeding power to it, it's going to shut-off. Now if you meant regarding settings.... well that will be up to your system. Hope that answers your question.

    • Answered by Lester R from Mississauga
    • Oct 2, 2012
  • I know this is a while since the original post, but for people still wanting an answer to this question, I can confirm when I use the Wemo it remains in OFF state after a power outage. It does however still connect to Wifi, therefore you are able to switch on remotely.

    My circumstance: I setup a rule to switch on an item at 9:30pm every night, there are no Off rules, just an on rule. When I go to bed I switch the Wemo off at the power supply (please don't ask why, I can't be bothered to explain), then in the morning I switch the power supply back on. The Wemo does not switch the item on, it remains in an Off state until that evening when it switches on at 9:30pm automatically again using the daily On rule.

    Hope that clears this up.

    • Answered by Paul T
    • Feb 8, 2014