importing readings or exchange Data between iPad and iPhone

1) Is there a way to import readings into the app?
2) Can the data already in one device be exchanged between iPhone and iPad?
3) Once the meter is connected what happens to the readings in the meter, are they still there or are they deleted?

iBGStar® Blood Glucose Monitoring System provided by Sanofi US

iBGStar® Blood Glucose Monitoring System provided by Sanofi US

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    1) Readings are imported into the app every time the meter is connected to the iPhone. Entries can be manually entered directly into the app.
    2) I can't answer this.
    3) First time the meter is connected to your iPhone it calls for a sync. Once that is done every time the meter is connected to the iPhone there is an automatic upload of the data from the meter to the iPhone. According to the Owner's Guide, the meter continues to store the 300 most recent readings. Once it reaches 300 the oldest will be deleted and the newest one will be saved.

    Incidentally, once a reading is taken it cannot be deleted. Also you can download the Owner's Guide from the iBGStar web site.

    Hope this helps.

  • 1) I am not positive but I think it automatically downloads all readings/test results to the app or else you can download them. You can also share this information with your physician.
    2) I don't know if the data can be exchanged between devices but the app would be accessable to all devices
    3) The meter is the device you are using, I think. The "meter" that holds the test strip and tests the blood is kind of like a portable ipod looking dock...kind of like an adapter/jump drive where the strips are inserted. I believe you can leave it attached at all times.

    I hope this helps. We haven't gotten one yet but are looking into it. We don't have an iphone and would have to change providers but the iphone is what he is interested in so that he wouldn't have to carry a bulky meter.