I'm upgrading to an iMac soon. Can i back-up my files with a Time Capsule, and then to new iMac when i get it? I don't want to buy hard drive as well.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Absolutely! I did it recently - upgraded my wife's old G4 running 10.5 to her new iMac and restoring from my Time Capsule worked perfectly.

    Interestingly, I ran a comparison using Speed Test and found that her new iMac accessed the internet faster over her wireless connection through the Time Capsule than it did over the ethernet. OK, it wasn't much faster but, as many times as I have run the test, it has been consistently 8% - 10% faster

  • You sure can. Once you back them up to time machine, you migrate from time machine on your new mac.