Im upgrading from logic studio (logic 8) to the new logic studio (logic 9) Is it best to uninstall all old logic studio content before I upgrade?

Will installing the new logic studio over the old logic studio leave unwaunted files/programs on my hard drive? Is it best to uninstall the old logic studio first??

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QA Logic Studio

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    No. If you're upgrading, the installer will only install the relevant new material.

  • No! You don't have to. The Logic Studio software will remove and reinstall content that fits. Just make sure you have an Intel Mac Power Book or Mac Pro / 6 or 12 core / Big GB with snow leopard software installed.

    You will need an interface that works with Intel Mac or PC. I could not use my Motu 896HD no more.

    Best choice:
    Mackie 1640i or 1240i ( Firewire Recording Mixer & Interface )

    " i " - is for indipendent.