I'm trying to use an a mini dv camcorder, 4 pin (1394) with my Mac os x (only has thunderbolt port). What cable do I need?

I need to use a camcorder for an animation class with my Mac. I'm new to using the Mac and I cannot find many specific answers in my research for what kind of cable I need.

Belkin FireWire 800/400 9-Pin/6-Pin Cable (2 m/6.6 ft.)

Belkin FireWire 800/400 9-Pin/6-Pin Cable (2 m/6.6 ft.)

Product No Longer Available

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    Nearly every Mac to date has some sort of FireWire port on it (the MacBook Air is the only exception), so you should be able to find either a FireWire 600 or 800 port on your Mac. If you happen to have a MacBook Air, there is a Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter (you can get one from the Apple Store or the website). Your camcorder most likely has a FireWire 400 port, so you'll need a cable that has a 4-pin connector on one end and 800 on the other. You can find one on the Store.

    Good luck!