I'm thinking of buying a Time Capsule so i was wondering if i can i attach a usb dongle to creat a wifi network?

i currently live on a military base and there is no option get landline based internet connection so i use a usb dongle. i was wondering if it was possible to connect it to the time capsule to create my own mini wifi network instead of running usb extension cables everywhere.

Many Thanks

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can't connect the USB dongle to Time Capsule. The USB port is purely for Printers and Hard Drives.
    You don't say if you use a Mac, but if you do, you could create a mini wifi network by using the dongle with the Mac and enabling Internet Sharing in the Sharing Preferences. This would share the broadband from your dongle to any other wifi devices within range of your Mac.
    This set up would also allow you to configure Time Capsule to join the wifi network created by your Mac and give you the back up, print and storage services that Time Capsule provides.