im starting piano soon, will this keyboard work well as just an everyday keyboard?

  • Asked by Ian S from Melbourne
  • Nov 11, 2009
M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    It's only 49 keys so there's a little limitation if you're playing big intricate pieces, but there's always the octave buttons to go up or down. I use it for recording as well as jamming with friends. I just open Logic, pick a nice piano and add some reverb, then play away. If you're just beginning and you're only going to be playing pretty basic stuff it should be just fine.

    • Answered by Patrick P from Jacksonville
    • Nov 13, 2009
  • I just bought this keyboard, with 49 keys. And I have started using it with
    Garage Band...but what is a little unnerving is that there is no middle C,
    which bigger pianos have. I don't really play, but what little I experience
    I have had with Cassio keyboards in the past and real pianos, you sit in
    the middle of middle C, so I feel a bit off center with this one. I suppose
    one gets used to it, or if you have the space, maybe you should buy a
    larger keyboard with the middle C in the center.

    • Answered by Diana G from Chicago
    • Dec 20, 2010