I'm new to MAC so pardon the dumb question :-)

I currently pay for High Speed internet though my cable company (in which I have a modem). So you mean to tell me, if I buy the Airport Extreme Base Station, load the software, and I will magically have wireless internet in my apartment? If so, thats fantastic because im tired of dragging this ethernet cable half way across my living room to get the internet on my new mac book.

I would appreciate any help. As I said, I am new to MAC, but so far I am LOVING IT..


QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, your modem should have come with an Ethernet cable for connecting to a computer or router (AirPort Extreme doesn't include any cable). As your MacBook is already connecting problem-free, this means all the connection information is stored inside your Mac, right where you originally entered it.

    Install the Apple software (actually AirPort Utility 5.5) to your MacBook from the CD included with the AirPort Extreme (will replace any earlier version of AirPort Utility that may be installed). Connect the modem's Ethernet cable to the AirPort Extreme's WAN port in place of where your MacBook is.

    Turn on your MacBook's AirPort and open AirPort Utility - it will discover your base station (perhaps others in the building - be careful). Proceed to setup your wireless network by clicking AirPort Utility's "continue" button rather than the "manual setup" button.

    After you've completed the auto setup, quit AirPort Utility. You can later re-open it and choose "manual setup" in order to activate all the advanced features and settings.

  • That is 100% correct. You can also use the Airport Express.