I'm looking to invest in this and just wanted to make sure I can use a PS3 with this.

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Product No Longer Available

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    I have just confirmed that you can hook up the PS3 and other HDMI devices to this 27" LED Cinema Display. You will have to buy the Atlona AT-HD620 converter/switcher in order to do this. I also can say that it does pass audio signal through the Mini-Displayport, however I have not tested how to control the volume, but I can take a guess that the audio is preset from the last configuration left from you Mac. So as of now I know that you cannot control the volume since there are no physical buttons on the display. The Atlona adaptor will also up converts the 1080p signal to 2560x1440.

  • You can always use the Moshi mini DP to HDMI adapter or the Griffin Video Display Converter sold through the apple store. Sound might not be heard from the display but you can also run your PS3 RCA cables directly to your computer speakers if it doesn't work.

  • No, you can't. It's only for Macs with mini displayport. You could get it to work with other devices that have a mini displayport though, but the PS3 does not.

  • No, you can't. You can only use it if you have mac with mini-displayport.