I'm Irish and have an Eircom router, do I just ethernet the two up? Or Put my DSL directly into the AirPort Extreme Base Station?

1mbs Broadband - Will it get faster?
Router Name: Netopia
Model: 2247-02
Can I use my external HDD backup wirelessly like time machine? I'm sick of putting my USB in my MacBook 2,1 White Enclosure.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Your DSL connection should go straight to the Airport Extreme, there is no benefit from using two routers and in most situations would cause quite a few problems.

  • You will have to plug in an ethernet from your modem to the leftmost ethernet port in Airport Extreme and I think the Eircom router is your modem as well. AE base station will not increase your "internet" speed significantly but will increase your wireless signal, range and your intranet speed. You can use your external hdd for wireless backup.

  • DSL is not directly supported by Airport Extreme, but it is via a modem. Since your Eircom router is also a modem, you should be able to put it into bridged mode, and disable NAT to allow this to work.

  • The best way to ensure you have a properly operating 802.11n wireless network:

    I checked your 802.11g Netopia users guide online. It says:

    "you can enable or disable the wireless LAN (WLAN) by clicking the Wireless link.

    Wireless functionality is enabled by default.

    If you uncheck the Enable Wireless checkbox, the Wireless Options are disabled, and the Gateway will not provide or broadcast any wireless LAN services."

    So then after you've disabled the wireless function of the Netopia 2247-02, simply connect the Netopia with Ethernet cable to the AirPort Extreme and follow the instructions for setup of your new 802.11n network.

  • Yes, you just Ethernet the two up. You plug the incoming Ethernet to the port on the back that looks like a kind of dotted circle. Then plug in the rest of the things you want to, then plug in the power! Use AirPort Utility on your mac(get kinda close to it. You may have to wait a while for the light on the base station to turn solid yellow or even green)DO NOT USE BROADBAND! It will slow down the setup, and 1mbs? 1 MEGABIT per second?! Yes, you can use your HDD wirelessly! It is so much easier to just leave it hooked up! I did that with my Passport™ for Mac, and it works GREAT! Hope this helps you! I <3 !!!!!

  • You can, but you will either need to reconfigure the Netopia box for bridged mode use and manually set the network information on the AE (which some ISPs do not allow for home users), or set the AE to just get an "external" IP via DHCP and run it "private". Not the perfect way, but it does indeed work.

    You may indeed use your USB HDD to wirelessly backup using Time Machine. That is one of the best uses of the USB port there is. As another method if you have more than one Mac, use a USB hub and you can attach multiple USB HDDs and have one for each Mac. You can still use a printer on the network even with multiple HDDs in use. I do this at home and it's a wonderful thing. I recommend a powered USB hub if you are using unpowered HDDs.