I'm in the army and I'm travelling around a lot, I want to use the time capsule as a external hard drive for my ipad,does it work like that??.

I haven't got enough room I my ipad for all the stuff l
I'd like to use it for. I want to put films and my pictures on the time capsule and then take it with me where ever the army may send me. Will it work or is it more of a router?? Do I need the Internet or will it connect via a wireless??

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    I have just recently left the ADF (Navy).

    Time Capsule is a saviour, plug it in and load your movies/photos/music and you are pretty much set.

    If you have your iPad/iPhone get an app like 'Airplayit', install the server on your laptop and then the client on your device and multiple people can access your server. Last year when I was on a course I had around 6 people watching movies from it at once and there was no lag...

    If you do not feel the need to use your laptop at all, just download 'filebrowser' and your set, no need for a server via your laptop. Stream music/movies directly from the time capsule. (Preferred options)

    You will only need a PC/MAC to set up your password(s) and initial share settings.

    My mate also brought one and we joined the two together and extended the network on the ship, doubled the wifi area and allowed more people to use it.

    You do not require an internet connection, it would just be handy when you aren't deployed

    Overall, it works fine, it's easy to use and your mates will love to share.

    (Si vis pacem, para bellum)

  • Christopher,

    My immediate answer to your question is, "I'm not sure; it may be possible, but it's probably tricky". You're essentially talking about using your TC like a Pogoplug, which isn't easy straight out of the box as the iPad has no direct files management interface.

    Two thoughts:
    It's very easy to access movies stored elsewhere using Dropbox. The problem, of course, is that only 2GB is free as standard. If you were willing to pay $100 a year, you could move that up to 100GB. Then you would be able to store a whole lot of media files in the cloud and access them on the iPad whenever you had a decent connection. (The Dropbox interface makes it very easy to access the stored files as though using Finder.)

    The other possibility is using something like LogMeIn, which I believe allows you to shunt files around between your various online machines, including the iPad. I'm not sure if it's as easy to access a Time Capsule through this method as it would be to access a conventional Mac or PC.