If using the time capsule as a router, can I limit who on the network has access to the hard drive portion of it?

I am interested in getting the Time Capsule to use as a wireless router in my house to replace the piece of junk one I have and to have large storage capacity. My problem is I have roommates who would also be using the same network, but I wouldnt want them to have access to the data I would store on it. Is there any way I can configure it to work as a router for all roommates but limit access to its hard drive/storage capabilities to just myself?

Furthermore, if instead I were to continue to use my old router (a linksys), is there any way to set up the Time Capsule as a wireless repeater to strengthen the signal in my bedroom on the other side of the house?

One more thing....does anyone have any experience using this router outside of the US? Ive got decent/normal internet connectivity from my ISP but I wouldnt want to get a time capsule if it could potentially not be compatible with a non-US service provider. Thanks.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    In the end I gave up on using the Time Capsules as network storage devices. The problem seemed to be there was no "Wake on Lan" [WOL] capability, that is when the Time Capsules has gone into their power save mode, network activity did not wake them up.

    I also found that the only way I could communicate with them was via a direct Ethernet connection, by passing the wireless network and router. After they had started up, they were fine, until I shut down and wanted to use them again.

    I went for a QNAP TS219P+ with a pair of 2TB drives which I mirror. But, I have a DLink drive enclosure which can manage the WOL feature but not the TimeMachine capability. The QNAP can handle the WOL, TimeMachine, and iTunes Media centre and quite a bit more.

    I gave the Time Capsules away.

  • "I wouldnt want to get a time capsule if it could potentially not be compatible with a non-US service provider."

    In that instance, it's a good thing you asked. The fine print of the above footnote number 3 indicates a potential non-compatibility, stating:
    "Some ISPs are not currently compatible with Time Capsule."