If the latest Nano already has an accelerometer (pedometer feature), then what extra benefit does this Nike sensor provide? Heart rate??

Nike sensor seems to be redundant with Nano pedometer feature.

  • Asked by Mark F from Loveland
  • Dec 3, 2009
Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    No, not heart rate. There are some gym machines that have a 30pin output which is iPod/Apple compatable, but not many. The Nano's built-in pedometer really only counts steps although it does it wil an accelerometer (which is pretty neat- most pedometers are much more crude). The Nike sensor and asociated software is able to analyse distance NOT by asking you to enter pace-length but by analysing accelerometer data and deriving steps/distance/pace from that. That's also why it needs to go on your shoe- it needs arc information to do all this fun stuff.

    • Answered by Peter C from Townsville
    • Dec 20, 2009