If the iphone is lifted off the dock with one hand, will it come off easily or will the dock go up with it?

How strong is the connection, or how heavy is the dock? Can the iPhone be removed without holding down the dock?

iPhone 5s Dock

iPhone 5s Dock

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    no unless it is a very new one straight out the box it'll be a bit stiff but after a while it'll loosen not to much but enough to lift it up if you still have it sticking after a while just blue tac it down or some temporary invisible holder downarer like double sided tape
    i hope this was useful

  • The docks are weighted to stop this happening, and the underside is made of a rubberised grippy material to stop it sliding around. Short answer is no it won't come up with the dock.

  • The dock will come up depending on how hard you push down on the phone.
    And it should be snug and on the dock tight so yes it might come up with the phone and you might need to hold it down from the back.