If running a music App, such as Pandora, are you still able to utilize the Escort Live App and receive phone calls at the same time?

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Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack

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    Yes, you can run Pandora and Escort Live at the same time. Escort Live is constantly using cellular data so your iPhone's service provider will determine if you can use data and voice phone calls at the same time. If your provider does not support simultaneous voice and data then you will receive phone calls with Escort Live running but you will not receive any data while on the phone call.

  • Much depends on your carrier and the bandwidth available. In my case, I can run Live! with Pandora and receive phone calls at the same time, but some services don't permit simultaneous phone calls with carrier-provided internet service. If your service provider permits simultaneous data usage and voice usage, you should be good to go.

    That said, even with carriers who do provide this simultaneous service, the speed of carrier-provided Internet will make the streaming from Pandora jumpy. The better the speed, the better the streaming.

    The Live app actually uses very little data in your data plan, compared with doing live streaming with services like Pandora.