Western Digital My Book for Mac

Western Digital My Book for Mac

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    This is a USB Hard Drive. If you have an Intel Mac you can install the system on it and boot up from it. It won't boot if you only back up the system files on it. The System must be installed or cloned to the USB drive. By cloned, I mean some utilities will copy your system over and set themselves up to work from an external drive in order to repair your hard drive.
    To make the USB drive into a startup disk...
    From Apple:
    * The USB drive has been formatted with a GUID partition type
    * The USB drive contains an installation of Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later, or Mac OS X 10.5 or later, which is compatible with (or shipped with) the Mac that the USB device is connected to. Note: You should not use a version of Mac OS X that is earlier ("older") than the version your Mac shipped with.

    To start from a USB storage device that meets the above requirements, connect the device, then select it in Startup Disk preferences. Or, connect the device, restart, and immediately press and hold the Option key to access Startup Manager. Then select the USB drive and click OK.

  • It all depends on why your computer fails. If it's a power supply, logic board, etc... then no. Best to have your computer checked out by a Apple Certified Technician (if you own a mac). This is made for putting back all the information you had on your computer right before your computer fails. Provided you backed up. So if you back up the day before your computer fails, then you will have all your stuff. if you backed up 4 months ago, you will only be able to retrieve items from that last backup.