If I'm showing a film on my MacBook Air, can I connect this speaker to it and project the sound from the film to an audience of about 50 people?

Philips SB7200 Series ShoqBox Wireless Portable Speaker

Philips SB7200 Series ShoqBox Wireless Portable Speaker

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    Yes you can use them and yes you can pair them up but...I have had some real problems trying to find a constant way to pair them up and then to the device that is sending the sound to them. If you follow the instructions it doesn't always work. When it does they sound awesome so I can say they are worth it if you do get them paired. But like I say it seems to be very difficult to create a same way to pair them up. But thats just me so if anyone has any suggestions please I would love to hear them.

  • Haven't tried anything like that, but here's something to consider. You can sync/ pair 2 of these up, so you could potentially put the speakers in 2 parts of the room. That might be pretty handy!