If I would like my son to be able to connect to a wireless network when he visits my home, is this the device that would make that happen?

I don't currently have a wireless connection through my cable provider. What Apple product, if any, would permit wireless connection through my cable modem?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    works for me. cable modem (Comcast) connected to the airport extreme via cat-5 cable. airport properly configured to share the internet connection, with wireless security compatible with the wireless capability of my daughter's PC notebook, and compatible with my Mac PowerBook. Airport set to provide DHCP service and the notebooks set as DHCP clients. When either, or both, is (are) turned on and in range of the base station, internet becomes available from anywhere in my home.

    - brian

  • This product, the AirPort Express, and the Time Capsule products can all provide the wireless connection that you want. The difference comes from the additional features that each provides. If you strictly are looking for a way to get a wireless network up and running, the Express will do what you need. I would suggest looking at the information for each, though, and see if the features of any one would interest you more than another.

  • This will do what you need done. You can even allow him full access to everything, or "guest" access to part of the network. Slick.